One family makes sure all kids have Halloween costumes

Emily, Richie, Campbell and Conley Bolusky. This Halloween night you’ll find their home equipped with piles of costumes, a tent for clothes-changing and helpers ready to match costumes with kiddos.

One night per year, a costume and the magical words "trick-or-treat" grant all kids the same rights and privileges. For many, though, a Halloween costume is a luxury, which is the very inequity that Emily and Richie Bolusky, along with their daughters, Conley and Campbell, are seeking to reconcile through their Myriam Poppins Costume Closet.

The project began in 2015 with a spontaneous act of generosity. Then-9-year-old Conley saw an un-costumed trick-or-treater and rushed to give away one of her own costumes. Conley’s gesture inspired a full-blown costume closet, championed by the Boluskys’ friends and family, and operated from the driveway of their North Maple Ridge home.

In 2017 alone, the closet distributed more than 175 costumes to children without them on Halloween night. "The people that come don’t expect anything," Emily Bolusky says. "They’re taken aback at someone offering them something."

There is no greater champion of the Bolusky outreach than Myriam Rix. This family friend, known for "making everything perfect," is lovingly referred to as Myriam Poppins, a nod to the character Mary Poppins.

Although Rix moved from Tulsa in 2017, she remains the namesake of the costume closet. "She’s the force," Bolusky says. "We have to keep it going for her."

And keep it going, they shall. The Boluskys are seeking some local partnerships and hope that 2018 will see even more costumes donated and distributed.

Join the magic by donating new or gently used costumes. Visit the Myriam Poppins Costume Closet Facebook page or drop off items at 1532 S. Owasso Ave.


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