It runs in the family

AJ Krow and wife Mary Dill Krow; Shelley and Mike Dill; Annie Dill Maitland and husband Ben Maitland at the 2016 Spotlight on San Miguel. Shelley and Mike and their daughters, Mary and Annie, have supported the Kendall Whittier middle school for years.


When the Spotlight is on San Miguel Middle School, the Dill family is sure to be involved. The "Dancing with the Stars"-themed fundraiser Spotlight on San Miguel benefits the school serving sixth through eighth grades in the Kendall Whittier neighborhood.

Mike and Shelley Dill, 2017 honorary co-chairs, and their now-married daughters, Annie Maitland and Mary Krow, have all been involved with San Miguel since it opened in 2004 in the basement of St. Xavier Catholic Church. There, Annie fulfilled a senior catechism assignment while at Bishop Kelley High School. "I helped the kids start a newspaper, led small group projects, continued tutoring struggling readers and even subbed for a class here and there," she says. "I couldn’t get enough."

Mary, a choreographer and dance instructor, followed suit in 2007 by volunteering at San Miguel as a reading and math tutor. The next year she created an after-school dance program there. Mike, a San Miguel board member since 2005, was inspired to become more involved when he saw how much the school was accomplishing in "less-than-desirable physical conditions."

Nine years ago, San Miguel launched a $4 million capital campaign to build a stand-alone school across the street from the church. It opened in 2012.

Five years ago, the school started the Spotlight fundraiser. Shelley was asked to be a dancer in the inaugural event — a role that involves three months of dance instruction from ballroom professionals in Tulsa. Mary danced at the 2016 event, winning the Judge’s Award and the award for most funds raised. This year, she will judge the competition.

"This is not your typical fundraiser," Shelley says. "It is as exciting as watching the show on TV, except you actually know one or more of the dancers personally. Everyone gets involved to support their dancer."


Oct. 21

Spotlight on San Miguel: Dancing with the Tulsa Stars

6 p.m. • Cox Business Center, 100 Civic Center. $150, tickets; sponsorships start at $1,250. Benefits San Miguel School. Visit


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