Let’s talk about it

Organizations like the Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy offer parents and teens a wealth of resources to help reduce the dread associated with "The Talk" and to turn sexual education into a positive experience for families. 

October is National "Let’s Talk" Month, a good time for families to begin establishing healthy communication about sex, according to Advocates for Youth.

The Tulsa Campaign’s recommendations for parents include: 1) Talk to your children often about age-appropriate topics; don’t limit your conversation to one big "talk." 2) Discuss what healthy relationships look like. 3) Encourage your teens to think about the future and set goals. 


4,792  Was the number of births to females ages 15-19 in Oklahoma in 2014. 


38.5/1,000 Was the teen birth rate (of 15- to 19-year-olds) in Oklahoma in 2014. The national average was 24/1,000.


No. 2: Oklahoma’s birth rate among teens ages 15-19 is the second highest in the nation.


$169 million Is how much teenage pregnancy costs Oklahoma taxpayers each year. 


$3.78 Is the amount of taxpayer money saved when just $1 is invested in preventing teen pregnancy. 


50% Is how many females in high school reported having sex at least once, according to the 2011 Survey of Oklahoma Youth. The rate for males was 51 percent.


30% Reduction is the Tulsa Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy’s goal for the teen birth rate in Tulsa County by 2020.


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