Locating Your Lost Dog Just Got Easier

Bruce Dill and his Irish setter, Dillon


"Lost dog": two words that strike fear into the hearts of pet owners everywhere. But in 2018, finding Fido could be as easy clicking a button.

With 30 years of experience in computer programming, Tulsan Bruce Dill recently launched TheNationalDogDirectory.com to help people all over the country find their lost pets.

Dog owners can register and describe their dogs on the site for free and update their status to "lost" at any time. This triggers a series of automated alerts to directory members, area veterinary clinics and rescue organizations. A $10 lifetime membership adds benefits such as sending text messages and emails to directory members in the area where the dog was lost, as well as postings on the directory’s multiple social media platforms.

Dill, of course, is a longtime pet owner himself. He bought an Irish setter after his wife, Debbie, died 12 years ago. When the breeder required him to sign a contract to show the dog, Dill agreed to the new adventure. "We did 65 dog shows one year," he says. His current dog, an Irish setter named Dillon, has become an international champion.

"As a result of all this, I learned a lot about the dog world," says Dill, whose first dog-tech venture was ResearchBreeder.com. The site helps pet owners find healthy puppies from healthy parents and ethical breeders.

Another venture, DogBookWorld.com — which Dill calls "Facebook for dogs" without advertising, profanity or political statements — is now up and running as yet another site built to help dogs and their loving owners.


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