Camp Fire Expands Helpful Services in Tulsa

Tulsan Michelle Lozano, center, was involved in Camp Fire Green Country for eight years as a youth. Now she is in her first year as an AmeriCorps member serving Camp Fire. She says, “Camp Fire gave me the opportunity to meet new people, visit new places and try new things. I learned about friendship, traditions and what it means to be a part of your community. I hope to give our kids the same experience by connecting with them and encouraging them while learning new things.”


"We’ve had AmeriCorps members for the past 15 years," says Renee Meek, executive director of Camp Fire Green Country. "Becoming our own AmeriCorps program allows us capacity for new growth."

AmeriCorps is a national service program through which members commit their time to address needs within their community. Members commit to at least one year of service during which they receive a basic living allowance.

By becoming its own AmeriCorps program site Sept. 1, Camp Fire was able to bring on 10 additional part-time AmeriCorps members to be club leaders and one full-time staff member. The organization now has 16 part-time and 2 full-time AmeriCorps members.

Meek says the expansion, funded by both AmeriCorps and Camp Fire, will allow Camp Fire to serve 300 more kids per year, a 30 percent increase, in its after-school and youth leadership programs. It also expects to see growth in its camp and outdoor programs. "Camp Fire provides youth the social emotional and life skills they need to be successful today," Meek says. "We know if they are successful in their classrooms, in their peer relationships, in their current activities, we are putting them on the path to a successful future."


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