Out of thin air

Cindy Hulsey, general manager of Magic City Books, and Jeff Martin, board president of the Tulsa Literary Coalition, at the future site of Magic City Books in mid-October


This month, the wait will finally be over for local bibliophiles when Magic City Books opens its doors at the corner of East Archer Street and South Detroit Avenue.

There will be a cafe that serves light bites, espresso drinks, wine and local beer. There will be the Algonquin Room, an elegant meeting and event space. There will be tin ceilings, an abundance of natural light and upscale furnishings.

Then there will, of course, be the books: 18,000 to be exact. The main focus is on adult literary, mainstream fiction and narrative nonfiction, plus books for all ages.

"Our customers can expect to walk into an environment where the acts of reading and discussing books are valued," says General Manager Cindy Hulsey. "They will receive a high level of personalized service, access to a carefully curated book selection and an array of interesting and enlightening programs and events. We will be ... the place you want to spend your free time with fellow book lovers."

Magic City Books isn’t just a hip indie bookstore in downtown Tulsa. It’s also owned by the nonprofit Tulsa Literary Coalition.

"When you shop with us, you are not only supporting the local economy, you are giving back to your community," Hulsey says. "The profits from Magic City Books will fund literary programming both in the store and out in the community. We are working with other nonprofit organizations to bring book discussions and other programs to the clients they already serve."


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