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Wendy Garrett’s slate is full for the foreseeable future.

The former Broadway performer and member of Disney’s creative team of Imagineers is developing one documentary and starting production on another.

Earlier this year, the team of Garrett, Christopher Hunt and Dave Tester began fundraising for a documentary on legendary Oklahoma State University basketball coach Eddie Sutton. They raised half the money, which means they can start production. It has yet to be determined who will distribute "Eddie" when it’s completed in 2018.

Garrett also is directing a second documentary, "Breaking Chain," in partnership with Tulsa-based Kirkpatrick and Kinslow Productions, which is producing the feature-length film. They will soon start fundraising and plan to kick off production in 2018.

Garrett says the documentary is about incarceration globally, with a specific focus on the U.S. and Oklahoma’s dubious distinction for incarcerating more women per capita than anywhere in the world. "This subject has many layers," Garrett says, "and our hope is to show an intimate look into the lives of women in the system, as well as their families, as they navigate through the complex criminal justice system."

Garrett, a Nebraska native, moved to Tulsa in 2013 when her husband, Chuck Garrett, was hired as executive vice president for Cherokee Nation Businesses.

Even with a hectic schedule, Garrett still finds time to work on her newest venture: writing two fiction film scripts with partners in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. She says she has been pleasantly surprised by the creative talent in both cities.

"I feel like there are new stories to tell and explore here," Garrett says. "One of the problems with L.A. or New York is there are many, many folks there competing to tell those stories — but the stories here are rich, full of great potential and ideal for film.

"So I am looking forward to being one of the filmmakers getting these great stories told."


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