Saturday night freak-out options

With the ghostly specter of Halloween looming over our fair city on Sunday night, there is a plethora of house parties and bar events hosting those inclined to look into the Vincent Price/Bela Legosi area of their souls. And with the macabre smell of Icy Hot wafting through our streets after the Tulsa Run that morning, it will be a night to throw caution (and hamstrings) to the wind.

1. The 36th Annual Freaker’s Ball is always a huge draw for those wanting to people/zombie watch. And well worth it for local music fans, to wit:

Ghosts, Bait, Triple Fang, City of Tulsa Pipes & Drums, Tony Romanello & The Black Jackets, Oklahombres, Bad Things, Acoustic Freight Train, William Jospeh, Mariachi Tulsa, Color9, Acoustic Ross, tHE pORTRAYL, Silver Medals, and Ill Fated

There will be constant music as there will be 4 stages for this all ages event. There is also a $1,000 prize for the costume contest.

$7 advance tickets are available here.

$9 at the door.

2. For those more into dancing out rather than rocking out: The 2nd annual Spider Ball at Enso at 230 E. 1st Street will feature local DJs: DJ Danger Granger, DJ Moody, DJ Dilation, DJ Soulfingaz (expect a killer soul set for your boogie needs from him), and the Panic! crew.

Presided over by Grand Marshal Steve Cluck, there will be games, contests and three rooms going off at once.

$5 advance tickets available here.

3. There’s always the "Brady Party" but it’s a very private affair and by invitation only*.

*When I say invitation only, I mean, go to the Brady and ask if you can walk in with someone that has an invitation and expect the most insane Halloween party you have ever seen (I still have night terrors from the last one I went to).

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