Make your list and check it twice

Yes, I have already made out my Thanksgiving dinner shopping list. I am definitely not a "type A" person. I’m simply trying to get as much as I can done ahead of time. I have done Thanksgiving dinner so many times I could make the shopping list in my head, but this is the perfect time for you who may not be so familiar with cooking for a crowd in your home kitchen. Here are a few simple tips for getting ahead of the game:

1.Start your shopping list. I know we still have a couple of weeks, but just do it. Make a list of the menu items you plan to serve (I know you have a stack of recipes recently ripped out of the hundreds of Thanksgiving-themed food magazines that you are longing to try!), and separate them out on a word document. Then you simply have to go down the list and add ingredients. Here’s how I like to do it – I do this for all of my TulsaPeople Magazine photo shoots and it works like a charm!

Thanksgiving 2010

Roast Turkey with Gravy

Cornbread Stuffing

Mashed Potatoes


Roast Turkey with Gravy








Cornbread Stuffing







chicken stock

You get the idea. I PROMISE this will make a difference in your shopping trip!

2. Go through the pantry and pull out shelf-stable items. Set them aside in a box out of the way and mark them off the list. This way, you won’t be buying any duplicates of anything. Kitchen space is at a premium this time of year, and any excess only causes clutter!

3. When you head to the store, be sure to have a pen with you. I know it sounds obvious, but this is no ordinary grocery list, and it will be a nightmare to scroll through the entire list every time you pick up an ingredient. This way you can mark off ingredients as you go through the different departments – produce, dairy, and meat – without having to circle back.

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