Drop a jean size by Valentine’s Day

The YWCA and Little Black Dress will team up this winter in an effort to help you lose weight throughout the holidays.

Sounds rough, but it can be done! Drop a Jean Size Bootcamp is a recurring program offered by the YWCA that offers 3 circuit classes a week, healthy recipes, and commeraderie to boot.

Saks, Jcole, and Muse of Utica Square have donated to winners in the past, and lots of excitement seems to circulate when the new session is announced. A morning crew is put together, and an after-work group as well, with both classes coming together on Sunday afternoons. The person that loses the most inches wins a pair of jeans from Little Black Dress. Men are welcome to join in on the fun, too.

So don’t go into to hybernation mode this winter. Instead, join a group and keep moving!

Contact the YWCA at 918-749-2519 for more details. Orientation is Sunday, Nov. 14.

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