A book bound to please

If you are not a Booksmart follower, attend only one of Jeff Martin’s author lectures and you will become a devotee. Monthly, if not more often, Booksmart brings to town an author of note. Even if you can’t attend each month, keep a record of Tulsa-bound authors for a good reading list.

For example, Antonya Nelson was here last month expounding on her latest novel, her fourth, "Bound." The Wichita, Kan., native places most of "Bound" in her hometown. Bound is one of those curious words that has many meanings. As used in the previous paragraph, bound means heading toward. Bound also means tethered, destined, obligated, determined, leap, limit, confine. Nelson’s book includes all those meanings.

The story in brief is about Catherine, who is married to 70-year-old Oliver, who can not discard his sexual pursuit of younger women. Catherine, one of those younger women, now the fourth wife, discovers that her once teenage friend, who she has had no contact with in her adult life, has declared, upon her death, that Catherine will be the guardian to her teenage daughter, Cattie, named after Catherine. That’s enough complications for you to figure out where "Bound" is bound. This book is bound to please.

Coming on November 20, Mark Richardson, author of "A Celebration of Zaikeeke" will speak, followed by Hank Sheerer, author of "Tinsel," on December 14. Go to www.booksmarttulsa.com to get more details.

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