A new generation of Anchor Paint

AnNicole and Justin Meade

New company leadership and new product development are the “news” at Anchor Paint Manufacturing Co., the nationally known, Tulsa-based manufacturer and retailer of industrial coatings, premium house paint and spray equipment, founded in 1962.

Justin Meade, son of Chip Meade, will succeed his father as president of the company, effective Jan. 1. Chip, the son of the late Wanda Fowler, one of the of the company’s co-founders, served Anchor for 40 years, including the past 25 as its chief executive. Justin, who joined the company in 1999, was elevated from his position as chief operating officer. His wife, AnNicole Meade, is now the company’s marketing director.

“I’m very excited about leading the company at a great time in our history,” Justin says. “Over the last 10-15 years, we shifted our product line more into customized industrial coatings for the oil and gas industry. Now we are adjusting back into creating premium paint products for residential use.”

An example is Anchor’s new “Anchor 62” brand paint, a handcrafted, premium coating named for the founding year of Anchor Paint. “We named it ‘62’ as a way to show honor and respect for what our founders accomplished by starting this company 57 years ago,” Justin says. The company was founded by Wanda and Emerson Fowler and Emerson’s brother, Roy Fowler and his wife, Annie.

The company’s new “Anchor 62” paint has been used exclusively in all interior rooms of the 2019 Designer Showcase House at Harwelden. “Our new residential line of paints will enable us to establish a new footprint for the company,” notes AnNicole, “and we felt Designer Showcase was the perfect place to launch this exciting new product line.” The premium paint can be purchased at Anchor’s headquarters and retail locations in Tulsa.

Anchor Paint Manufacturing Co.’s headquarters is located at 6707 E. 14th St. in Tulsa with retail sales at the headquarters and stores located at 7143 S. Mingo Road and 401 E. Second St. in Owasso. For more information, call 918-836-4625 or visit anchorpaint.com.




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