Cox gigabit speeds now available throughout Tulsa

Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum and Cox Communications declared Tulsa a "Gigabit City" on Jan. 31, announcing that homes throughout the Tulsa metro now have access to 1 gigabit broadband internet speeds. The new connection will give Cox Communications customers subscribing to Cox’s Gigablast internet the ability to download 100 songs in 3 seconds, 1,000 photos in 16 seconds and a 2-hour movie in 8 seconds.

"Cox’s Gigablast high-speed internet is now available to residents throughout the Tulsa area who increasingly have multiple internet-dependent devices in their homes and desire faster speeds for entertainment, communication, safety and a range of other purposes," says Roger Ramseyer, Cox Communications’ market vice president for Tulsa. "Cox Communications’ sizeable network investments, including a $10 billion network infrastructure investment, help us stay significantly ahead of demand and enable smart homes, smart businesses and smart cities — all of which depend on reliable high-speed internet service." 

With the average home expected to have more than 50 internet-connected devices by 2020, Cox prepared for its customers’ growing demands by making significant capital investments that have allowed Cox to rapidly increase residential internet speeds.

Additionally, Cox is making significant upgrades to its infrastructure in Tulsa as part of the company’s commitment to invest $10 billion in its network over the next five years. Cox has committed to offering gigabit speeds to all serviceable customers — not just a select few — and an array of speed and pricing options to all homes and businesses, not just chosen neighborhoods. 


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