Covers revisited: LeAnne Taylor

TulsaPeople’s September 2004 cover featured local TV personality LeAnne Taylor with a wide grin … and a bald head.

At the time, Taylor — who still hosts "6 in the Morning" for KOTV News on 6 — was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer while she and her husband, Andy, raised their two small children. The article by Connie Cronley discussed her diagnosis, surgery, career, family life and the many wigs she wore while her hair was growing back.

Taylor recently marked her 15th anniversary as a cancer survivor. "I still have the wigs and use them when I speak to various groups," she says. "They continue to serve a purpose. I put each wig on and tell (groups) what that wig meant to me."

Taylor is a longtime volunteer with Susan G. Komen for the Cure and averages 200 people on her team for the Tulsa Race for the Cure, just one of the events she supports. In April, she will celebrate 35 years in Tulsa television.

"I continue to love what I do and remain passionate about helping in the fight against breast cancer," Taylor says. "That cover of TulsaPeople continues to be one of my most favorite memories and one of my best pictures.

"I still have people telling me how brave I was for allowing that photo to be used. It wasn’t bravery, it was just reality. I wanted others to see that despite being bald, for me, joy came from a higher power. It’s why I continue to smile today no matter what comes my way." 

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