We're obsessed with Branjae's latest project

Branjae performs at an event in the Pearl District. She says her new single, “Everybody Needs,” is a reminder that while we might not share politics or points of view, we all need and want the same things.


"Everybody wants someone to love.

"Everybody wants someone to touch."

Branjae’s meaningful lyrics and catchy melody from her latest single, "Everybody Needs," create the hook of the song while her spunk and benevolent pizzazz draw the audience in.

Tulsa songstress and entertainer Branjae Jackson has been known as a frontwoman of local act Count Tutu, but she continues to branch out as an artist, creating what she calls "genre-fluid projects," while stepping out as a soloist.

"I’m producing all the music, picking the band, the costumes," she says of her solo venture. "I feel comfortable and wonderful leading it. I’ve built a team."

Branjae is in entertainment for the long haul. She says music is a business, much like her own hair salon business. Both require creativity and skill, in addition to the hard work needed to develop a fan base, manage bookings and market herself.

Her newest music video for "Everybody Needs" was directed by veteran award-winning Tulsa filmmaker and photographer Jeremy Charles. The video features people of various ages and races — perhaps a subtle nod to Michael Jackson’s "Black or White" music video of the 1990s — with the goal of bridging racial and social gaps.

Branjae explains her new approach: "Instead of a full album, I’m creating shorter songs that are related — songs that tell a story. I’m developing visual creations behind these songs. I call them mini track visuals."

Although she’s planning tours to Austin, Texas; New Orleans and beyond, Branjae says Tulsa will remain home.

"People have to really visit here to feel the energy," she says. "I will travel and do business elsewhere — go see the world — but my home is in Tulsa. I used to think I had to move away from T-Town to be successful, but I don’t believe that way anymore."

Lucky for Tulsa.

Find more about Branjae and hear her music at branjaemusic.com.


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