Prairie Creek Farms hops on craft brewing craze

Nate Beaulac, Mitch Hull, Peter Prulhiere, Jason Ketchum and Porch the Goat make up Rapture Brewing.

A group of old college pals got together in 2016 to establish Prairie Creek Farms in Kellyville, just west of Tulsa. Their foray into farming began with a "scrubby" 3 acres and 10 Berkshire piglets. Today, they’ve grown it to 80 acres, and many of their farm-fresh products — from pork to chicken — appear on menus in some of the most notable restaurants in town. Now, they’ve decided to "hop" into the craft beer game.

Jason Ketchum, one of the owners/farmers at Prairie Creek, says there are big plans to become the only brewery in Oklahoma that resides on a working farm.

"We want to try to source as much as we can from the farm," Ketchum says. "We are planting peach and plum trees to incorporate into the beers. We also have just set up some bee hives, so we will be using the honey for different beers, too."

They’ve dubbed their bubbly yield Rapture Brewing, and plan to start selling their beers to restaurants they already supply with meat and eggs.

"We are fortunate to have a great working relationship with restaurants, so we hope to start popping up on their taps," Ketchum says. "We are also working on a taproom at the farm. It’ll be part brewery, part party bar and storm cellar open by this summer." 


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