Clark Robinson

Clark Robinson

Many say adversity is the birthplace of ingenuity. For Clark Robinson and his team at Robinson Glass, that statement couldn’t be more true.

As Tulsa began coming to terms with doing business in the time of COVID-19, Robinson’s team began fielding requests for protective screens or “sneeze guards.”

“We had some people asking about acrylic in the very beginning, but no one had an idea on how to support them, hang them or what to do with them,” Robinson says.

Thinking outside the box lead them to use tempered glass for permanent and temporary safety partitions.

“The reason we use the tempered glass is that it holds up much better to repeated cleaning,” he says. “Over time, (acrylic) scratches, yellows or becomes hazy.”

Robinson Glass has created three stock options available at its showroom, 7240 E. 46th St., ranging in size from 24 to 30 inches tall. All are portable and do not require drilling or affixing to a counter. Two feature an acrylic base with metal frames to hold the screen; the other features the glass affixed to a slotted channel.

Custom fabrications of COVID-19 screens at places like banks and dental offices have kept Robinson’s staff busy.

“Six months ago, no one would have thought to need these,” he says. “We had to figure out some way to make a glass panel to keep people safe.”

Robinson is the second-generation owner of the residential, commercial and auto glass service company. During these difficult times, he credits his 50 employees at three locations who “have dug down deep and persevered.”

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