Wighead, The Ruskettes and Poot Poot!


Saturday night (July 10) at Soundpony (409 N. Main St.) will feature two of the most exuberant, merry, gay (old-school definition) and kooky bands to play live music in the (hyperbole warning) history of all histories!

As for The Ruskettes, I cannot vouch for their merriment quotient as this is their debut. But chances are, if they are sharing the bill with these two bands, Gregorian chants are not on the set list. The Ruskettes are Lindsay Bolliger, Vanessa Painter and Justine Rusk and are backed up by the Ruskettes Orchestra: featuring Jeff DiPesa, Brian Voris, Airon Wessinger, and led by Chris Rusk. The more people the better if you are looking for a rabble-rousing good time.

Question: What is "rabble"?

Wighead and Poot Poot are both well-known entities and have earned a well-deserved reputation for bringing the party. It doesn’t always make sense. In fact, it rarely does. Making sense is secondary to making fun.

Question: Does fun ever make sense?

This will be the last time anyone gets to see Poot Poot for a while as Julianna Beckert will be taking her act to Denver (not the street) right after the show. Her boyfriend might be sitting outside waiting to head there immediately afterward.

Question: Will he be in a motor vehicle or on a tandem bicycle for the drive back to Denver?

Have these questions and more answered Saturday night at Soundpony!

Wighead, The Ruskettes and Poot Poot!

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