Sarah Moseley

Songwriters Jon Worthy, Kate Constentino, Sarah Moseley, and Katelyn and Derek Drye sold out Nashville’s notable venue the Listening Room Cafe for Songbird City’s inaugural event in October 2021. Moseley, who is from Tulsa, started the company in November 2020.

Founded by Tulsa native Sarah Moseley, Songbird City is a Nashville-based company that specializes in putting words to speechless moments through custom song creation. 

Singing and songwriting from a young age, Moseley grew up in choir and performing at local music events, like the Bixby Green Corn Festival and Mayfest. She graduated from Broken Arrow High School in 2007, attended Belmont University in Nashville and earned her degree in music business. Now, Moseley and her husband call Nashville their permanent home. 

The idea for Songbird City grew out of Moseley’s wish to help other struggling Nashville songwriters when venues shuttered their doors during COVID-19. At the time, Moseley also was songwriting for film and television, but as the first and only custom song company based in Nashville, Songbird City grew so rapidly that she now does it full time.

Along with her team of eight other Nashville-based songwriters, Moseley is always ready to work with clients to create “audible heirlooms” for special moments, including anniversaries or other big events.

Though it’s not the only custom song company, Songbird City is the only one in which all songwriters currently reside in Nashville. 

“We wanted our niche to be, ‘We’re Music City songwriters,’ which is so special because people travel from all over the country to experience the music of Nashville,” Moseley says. “So why not have one write a custom song

for you?

“It’s been so rewarding because it’s not just about me. It’s about helping the songwriters and the community, and getting to gift someone a custom song is just so special.”

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