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From The Home Edit to the now famous KonMari method, home organization is all the rage. Yet it’s more than pretty pictures on Instagram. Being organized helps make life easier and more efficient in every way, says Katie Tuttle, local home organizer and owner of Clear.

“When our daily routine is full and cluttered, the other important parts of life tend to feel the same way,” Tuttle says. If everything — especially those items we use on a daily basis such as food, clothing, tools, papers, etc. — has a place and is easily accessible, then you tend to use the things you already have. This cuts down on time, money and frustration, she says.


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One of the biggest obstacles Tuttle’s clients face is the idea they are giving up possessions. Instead, she tries to help them see that they are gaining space and peace of mind. “It really is a very freeing feeling to get rid of all the extra clutter that weighs us down from day to day,” she says.

Tuttle recommends asking yourself which part of either an office or home would make the biggest difference in everyday life if it were more organized and start there. “You will be amazed at the weight that is lifted from just clearing out one room.”

Tuttle shares her tips for organizing any space:

1. Choose a starting point. It is easy to become overwhelmed when starting to clean out a space, but you do not have to do it all at once, Tuttle says. Start with one area, and do a little bit each day. “When you start to see progress, it is much easier to keep going,” she says.

2. Clean out the space. If you have not used or worn an item in a year or more then get rid of it, Tuttle says.

3. Color code. Grouping things by color in a closet, pantry, garage or almost anywhere is more aesthetically pleasing, Tuttle says.

4. Contain. “I like to use crates or containers for most everything I put away/store,” Tuttle says. Make sure everything has a label so it is easy to locate within the container.

5. Coordinate. When selecting storage options, try to keep a consistent look. Matching hangers, for example, will always help a closet come together quickly, Tuttle says, and using clear shoe boxes is the best way to make a closet look clean. 

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