‘#Unscripted’ unleashed

Ana Berry, Penni Shelton and Lisa Jones are the hosts of ‘#Unscripted.’

There’s a new kind of talk show in town, and it’s shaking up the way Tulsans receive news. "#Unscripted," a digital show that boasts an "#unapologetic, #unpredictable" approach to weekly headlines, is gaining a strong following on YouTube.

The roots of "#Unscripted" date to 2015, when Ana Berry moved back to Tulsa after a decade-long stint in New York City and Los Angeles. Alongside Lisa Jones and Penni Shelton, Berry started producing short videos about people and subjects around Tulsa. 

"We wanted the Tulsa community to hear our opinions about everything, ranging from a 92-year-old jazz musician to our experience of a weeklong juice fast," Berry says. 

Berry brings her on-camera training and social media network to "#Unscripted." Shelton, a health and wellness expert, lends her massive social media following and digital marketing expertise to the show. Finally, Jones’ strong news background drew her to the project. A former anchor for KOTV, she saw it as the perfect opportunity to shake up traditional news outlets and offer something fresh to the Tulsa area.

"‘#Unscripted’ is not just a digital show, but a way of life," Berry says. "We wholeheartedly believe in living authentic lives, saying what we feel with respect and confidence, and shining a light on those we believe in." 

Some of the group’s popular local segments include "Oklahoma’s Own," which showcases local companies, and "Someone You Should Know," which profiles outstanding Tulsans.

The team, which has regularly produced content for eight months, now produces two short shows a week, which they share on social media.


See "#Unscripted" at facebook.com/beunscripted/videos.


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