Have you seen Ghazal Ghazi’s new mural?

The smiling face in Ghazal Ghazi’s mural near 2411 E. Admiral Blvd. is meant to celebrate women, diversity and nature, the artist says.

"I hope my mural can bring people together and garner more appreciation and respect for these three things," says Ghazi (aka ZYNB), who was chosen for the Kendall Whittier Walls Project initiated by Kendall Whittier Main Street and the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation.

Thirty-four artists submitted applications for the project, and the committee narrowed it down to four artists, including local artist John Hammer and regional artists Phil Shafer and Brady Scott. Their four murals can be seen at 6 N. Lewis Ave., 1906 E. 11th St., 2444 E. Admiral Blvd. and 2424 E. 11th St.

"I believe that public art is one of the most democratically accessible forms of art," Ghazi says. "It intervenes in the public spaces that we transit during the course of our daily lives. It brings art outside the walls of galleries and museums and to people who might not be able to access those spaces."

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You can also see a mural by Ghazi at the Mother Road Market.

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