‘Hamilton’ makes history

Actors Shoba Narayan, Ta’Rea Campbell and Nyla Sostre in the national touring production of “Hamilton: An American Musical.” The blockbuster show will be performed in Tulsa from Aug. 20-Sept. 8.

After Celebrity Attractions announced "Hamilton: An American Musical" would be a part of its 2019-2020 season, the Tulsa-based presenter and producer of national tours had to cap season ticket sales for the first time.

As pleased as she was with a record 14,809 subscribers, Celebrity Attractions President Kristin Dotson wasn’t shocked. She knew the Tony Award-winning show would be a boon for Tulsa. It’s known as the "‘Hamilton’ effect."

"‘Hamilton’ has been a game-changer for the industry," Dotson explains. "It’s such a unique production from all angles."

On its face, she says, "Hamilton" is a historical show about the life of Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers. However, the show is set to R&B, rap and hip-hop music, and is one of the first shows to embrace non-white casting. The tour will be in Tulsa from Aug. 20-Sept. 8.

Dotson says several elements make Tulsa a match for blockbuster shows like "Hamilton," including its central geography. Then there is Tulsa’s strong subscription base, among the top three for markets our size. "When producers look to route a tour, before they sell one ticket, they’re already making money," she says.

So, why cap season tickets if the demand for "Hamilton" remained? Dotson says Celebrity Attractions wanted to ensure "everyone" has a chance to see the acclaimed show. At press time, more public tickets were planned for release in August.

"There’s the audience development aspect," Dotson says. "‘Hamilton’ is bringing a lot of people into the theater for the first time." 


Editor’s note: Celebrity Attractions is anticipating a huge response for remaining public ticket sales. President Kristin Dotson cautions against purchasing tickets from third parties (scalpers). Most of these tickets are extremely marked up, are fraudulent and will not be honored at the box office.

Purchase official "Hamilton" tickets directly at celebrityattractions.com/hamilton; Dotson advises people to check back often, as new blocks of tickets will periodically be released.

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