Weston Horn delivers big sounds and good times

Weston Horn and the Hush performed at the Tulsa Music Showcase at the South by Southwest Conference and Festival on March 15 in Austin, Texas. Horn, center, is the band’s frontman.


With coordinated suits, a four-piece horn section and ample energy, Weston Horn and the Hush recalls an era of big bands and dance clubs, cocktails and swing. 

"We’re trying to create something that people want to come and see," says 28-year-old frontman Weston Horn. "People aren’t OK with just hearing great music; they want to be entertained and see a show."

Horn, who was homeschooled, has taken a professional approach to his career since he headed to Oklahoma State University at the exceptionally young age of 14 to pursue (and then earn) a degree in business management and marketing. "I wanted to treat my music like a business and be able to run it, market it and make it a brand and more than just a band," he explains.

He credits his fellow musicians for the band’s tight sound: a joyful mix of rock, funk and soul, a musical merging of Huey Lewis and Stevie Wonder with a sharp Foo Fighters’ edge. "They’re all prodigies," Horn says of his bandmates.

Although Horn and the band’s co-founder and drummer, Mat Donaldson, sought talented players when building the band, they also looked for people they genuinely liked. "If we can’t hang out with you, then it’s not going to work," Horn laughs. "We built a family first, then it lucked out that everybody was also a brilliant musician."

This fall, the band plans to record a second album, the follow-up to its 2017 debut release "Vol. 1," at Louisiana’s legendary Dockside Studio. In the meantime, there are gigs to play and fun to be had.

"I’m having the time of my life doing what I feel I was made to do, and I’m doing it with my absolute best friends in the world," Horn says. 


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