CTCA donates to Gathering Place

Visitors to Peggy’s Pond will be able to rent equipment, including kayaks and canoes, at the nearby Boathouse.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America pledged $3 million to support Gathering Place and the area known as Willow Beach, a soft sand bank that leads directly into Peggy’s Pond.

"For the past 30 years, CTCA has been committed to Tulsa and the region," says Jay Foley, president and CEO of CTCA Tulsa. "It is our honor and privilege to invest in Gathering Place and be part of such an iconic development in our community. The CTCA founding family, led by Richard J Stephenson, has generously made our contribution possible, and we are incredibly grateful. We look forward to enjoying this amazing space with our families, friends, employees and patients and witnessing the impact it will have on Tulsa."

Gathering Place, which opens Sept. 8, is a 100-acre park along the Arkansas River that will connect three previously independently owned sites with the existing River Parks. Phase I, the first 66.5 acres, will include experiences for all ages.

"We are excited to receive such a generous donation from CTCA," says Jeff Stava, executive director and trustee of Tulsa’s Gathering Place LLC. "It has been wonderful seeing the support from the business community to help make this park a reality. Gathering Place will be a one-of-a-kind attraction for all of Tulsa, and it will be a top destination for visitors and residents alike."


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