3 ways to make your bed cooler in the summer

To Kitina Bartovick, nothing says summer like white, 100 percent cotton sheets that hold in crisp coolness like they’ve been drying in the wind on your grandmother’s laundry line. That feeling is what Bartovick, co-owner of The Dolphin Fine Linens in Utica Square, strives to give her customers. 

Here are a few of Bartovick’s suggestions for creating a bed that you will want to crawl into after a day lazing in the sun. 


1. Invest in a long-lasting mattress and wool mattress pad

Fit for a queen (or the six U.S. presidents who have requested one), the Royal-Pedic mattress is made-to-order with organic cotton and lamb’s wool. With more coils than a standard mattress, Royal-Pedic mattresses are long-lasting. Bartovick recommends topping the mattress with a wool mattress pad that will warm you in the winter and cool you through the dog days of summer.


2. Choose linen or Egyptian cotton sheets

According to Bartovick, "Starting with 100 percent long staple, 100 percent extra-long staple or 100 percent Egyptian cotton is paramount" when choosing summer linens for your bed. She also suggests choosing a simpler weave like the breathable percale. An alternative to cotton that Bartovick describes as "heaven" is linen: cool, dry, soft and antimicrobial. The Dolphin carries quality, durable sheets in a variety of materials and in all price ranges.


3. Opt for a blanket with a flat, plain weave

The rest Although blankets are the last things we want to think about in the summer, blankets for your summer bed can keep you cool if they have a flat, plain weave. Bartovick recommends a 100 percent cotton lightweight blanket, a lightweight silk duvet — which is lofty, but still breathable — or a linen blanket. To top that, Bartovick suggests adding a personal touch with a lightweight coverlet. 


Making a bed to accommodate an Oklahoma summer is tricky, and it seems we never consider its effect until we’re lying awake at 3 a.m., overheated despite the ceiling fan on full speed. That’s why, as Bartovick says, you should always change your sheets with the season. 



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