Kayley Nammari

Kayley Nammari with an S and P bag made from surplus U.S. Navy material


Name: Kayley Nammari

Age: 30

Known for: Her roles as a U.S. Army captain and now as Tulsa brand manager for swordandplough.com, which recycles military equipment for everyday use. S and P then donates 10 percent of sales back to veterans and veterans’ groups such as the Coffee Bunker in Tulsa.



On her current gig: Brand managers sell online but also host events in our communities to sell the products directly. It is my job as a veteran to introduce my community to the brand and educate those I meet … that there are ways to support us by buying American made and veteran owned.


On the company’s recycled products: S and P sources our material from military surplus suppliers and the military directly. When the Army transitions to a new uniform pattern and discontinues the current digital pattern, what happens to those hundreds of thousands of uniforms? Landfills. S and P takes the material and incorporates it into our product designs such as handbags and messenger bags.


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