We all know small businesses are struggling in the COVID-19 era. We caught up with Angelene Ripley Wright, owner of Ida Red, 208 N. Main St., about operating during COVID-19, Weekends on Main, how important Tulsa's support is and more.

How has COVID-19 impacted your business? It has impacted us so drastically like all local businesses. We were shut down for several months. I am so thankful we have some loyal customers that have helped us to make it so far through this year. We have made big updates to our webstore allowing for easier purchasing and a new store pick up option. We appreciate your support so much! We literally celebrate each purchase made at Ida Red. We love the Tulsa community so much! We are all in this together.

Tell me about Weekends on Main and what we can expect from Ida Red. We are so excited about how our beloved Main Street has transformed over September and October! There are tables set up all up and down Main Street with each restaurant on our block offering an outdoor safe dining experience. We have extended our hours to stay open until 9 p.m. at that location on Fridays and Saturdays. It’s an amazing and safe way to support the local restaurants in the area there. I encourage everyone to check it out. It’s a great date night spot as well! It’s so romantic with the strings of lights hanging above the street.

What’s coming in the future for Ida Red? We are looking towards our busy season coming this winter. While it may look a little different than before due to safety regulations in place, we are very hopeful that it will be a good one. I encourage everyone to support their favorite local shops and restaurants this winter as we need your support more than ever. We have some of the best and most unique merchandise we have ever had in stock. I am really excited to share it with the Tulsa community!

Anything else you want to add? Starting on October 19th, we have a private shopping experience at our Main Street location. Every Monday you can sign up for a time slot and enjoy extra safety measures for a safe shopping experience. We also have more sales coming for our email list members! Join our email list by heading to our website, idaredgeneralstore.com

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