Ignite Medical resort

Ignite Medical Resorts is extinguishing the stereotype of skilled nursing facilities to offer an entirely new approach, one with uncompromising luxury and rapid rehabilitation at its helm. The company recently acquired Adams PARC Post Acute Recovery Center in Bartlesville, which closed on May 29, and is turning it into a state-of-the-art facility known as Ignite Medical Resorts Adams PARC.

“Through our model, we’re able to provide rapid recovery in parallel with an enhanced culture of hospitality and comfort,” said Rachel Shearer, general manager of Ignite Medical Resorts Adams PARC. “We look forward to helping revitalize the image of skilled nursing care here in Oklahoma with this never-before-seen approach we call LuxeRehab.”

Ignite specializes in short-term rehabilitation and nursing care in a five-star medical resort environment. Its dedicated team of nurses and in-house therapists provide physical, occupational and speech therapy through orthopedics, cardiac care, stroke rehab, pulmonary rehab, wound care, infection management and renal disease programs to get patients back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Innovation is at the core of Ignite’s operations. Its facilities feature contact-free technology to monitor heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation and fall/wound prevention, and the top-notch nursing team also has access to electronic medical records with direct-link vital machines at their fingertips.

Capital improvements and renovations to Adams PARC are planned for the coming months. Guests will enjoy:

  • An on-site Glow Spa featuring message therapy, hair services and a nail salon
  • An on-site restaurant with luxury dining options and access to an in-house chef, who can whip up patients’ favorite meals
  • LuxeCafe proudly brewing Starbucks coffee
  • Concierge services to get patients’ favorite newspapers or magazines

Additionally, all private rooms will be equipped with a recliner, 50-inch HDTV and hospitality tablet for 24/7 room service.

“Our unique approach helps people feel more like guests in a high-end hotel than patients in a medical facility — but above all, providing superior orthopedic, cardiac, respiratory and stroke rehab care is our top priority,” said Tim Fields, Ignite Medical Resorts CEO and co-founder. “This expansion to Oklahoma is an exciting step, one we hope will make a big difference in improving each guest’s short-term and long-term quality of life.”

And once patients return home, Ignite’s comprehensive care doesn’t stop. The company offers a community reintegration program and in-home safety evaluation to help ensure the transition is safe and efficient.

Know someone who needs to get their spark back? For more information, visit IgniteMedicalResorts.com.

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