National cannabis edible brands have made their way into Tulsa dispensaries, but a fresh line of cannabis-infused products is arriving on the scene from a Tulsan-owned and operated business.

Cannabis growing and processing company Oklahoma Sweet Grass produces medical marijuana products that span the spectrum. Some of the cannabis distributor’s 18 products include THC gummies, hard candies, cookies, toothpicks, pain cream, bath salt and more, and can be found at local dispensaries. The operation is 100% local, says Chad Smith, co-owner of Oklahoma Sweet Grass with his wife, Lindsey.

“We didn’t hire any consultants from other states. It was all Oklahoma based,” says Smith, a Bishop Kelley High School and Oklahoma State alum. The couple came up with some of the recipes for OSG edibles based on treats they like to eat. “The no-bake cookies, that’s something my wife would make me all the time, so (OSG) just added THC to them,” Smith says.

Smith is an entrepreneur and has other businesses and properties in town, so it made sense to use the space they had for a new endeavor, he says. “I fell down a rabbit hole,” Smith says. “I wanted to be a one-stop shop.”

He shaped the once plain and discreet property into a fully outfitted cannabis processing lab, complete with chemist Gary Berg, who works part time when he’s not teaching high school chemistry. The set-up cost around $1 million and can make virtually any cannabis product imaginable.

“We do bubble hash, we have a rosin press and we have a full BHO (butane hash oil) processing machine,” Smith says. Hash, rosin and oil are all forms of concentrated cannabis, each with a different process of extracting the cannabinoids and terpenes.

Each piece of equipment helps ensure consistent quality across all the products, Head Processor Brandon Curtiss says. Finding uses for cannabis is personal to him because it has helped him manage symptoms from ulcerative colitis and arthritis. “I’m not a chemist, but chemistry is my passion,” Curtiss says. He filled notebooks with years of detailed personal research, which has helped OSG develop its methods.

The company also grows its own plants, making it a vertically integrated operation from plant to product. Other than its local ties, OSG differs from national brands because they hand-dose products like the Canna Quench drink line, Curtiss explains. “I’ve created a pharmaceutical base that we infuse (the drink) with, so it’s similar to your oral suspension liquids like Tylenol or codeine where it processes in your liver quickly, but it’s also water-soluble.”

Smith says hand-dosing and the care the team takes developing and crafting these products is why he put “OSG: Made with love” on every package.


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