Mercury Lounge's livestream of Brandon Clark, Dustin Pittsley, Ryan McCall on March 22.

As more and more local music gigs get cancelled musicians find themselves in a difficult place. Losing the money they would have gotten from playing those shows, losing the merch sales they would have made, losing the streams they would have gotten from new fans that grew to love them at those shows.

Neo-Soul performer Branjae has been affected by cancellations of a showcase at South By Southwest and even a benefit show to recoup the losses she incurred from the first cancellation. “We all know it’s a tough time. Tough because everyone is hurting,” she says. “It’s not solely the SXSW cancellation that caused so much devastation, but the collection of all the cancellations across the board.”

In the midst of all the madness, there are still ways you can support musicians. Every play on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube can help them recoup their losses. Maybe the most direct way to help your favorite musician is to buy their merch or music directly from them, through bandcamp or their websites. Several musicians also have their PayPal, Venmo or other money sending apps in their bio.

Be sure to check your favorite artists' social media platforms, as well. Performers around town are live streaming on Instagram and Facebook and finding other creative ways to keep sharing music.

Branjae sees the community coming together to support one another and hopes to see it grow. “This is all unfortunate, but it’s time to hunker down and pull together as human beings,” she says. “We will make it through. Tulsa is proving to have a community that pulls together in time of crisis.”

Mercury Lounge, 1747 S. Boston Ave., is doing its part in supporting the people that make live music happen. Rather than canceling a show on March 15 with Jacob Tovar, Roots Country, and John Fullbright and friends, they decided to live stream the concert, with a virtual tip jar, to bring the music to fans and a little extra money to the performers, while still social distancing. The venue will continue to stream a concert every night at 7 p.m. on Facebook  as long as they are able to.

Philbrook Museum, 2727 S. Rockford Road, and Horton Records are also doing their part and teaming up to live stream two concerts a day from the Philbrook log cabin from March 23-27. Performers like Desi & Cody, Casii Stephan, and Jake Flint will perform live on Philbrook’s Facebook page and in living rooms around the nation.

Another way to get your music fix is through YouTube music videos and docu-series like our own People To Wave To, or Tulsa Little Jam.

Viewing local music videos or YouTube releases can also help. Maybe even post your favorites on Facebook or other social channels to draw traffic.

Here are some of our favorites: Branjae - “Street Light” 


Casii Stephan - “Letters”

Zunis - “Power Be” 

And be sure to stream local artists as much as you can. We’ve made it easy with this playlist! 

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