Gary Busey and Teresa Knox

Actor Gary Busey and Teresa Knox, owner and event promoter at Harwelden Manson and Church Studio.

Actor and writer Gary Busey will visit Tulsa next week for a meet-and-greet book signing event at Harwelden Mansion, 2210 S. Main St.

The event is from 4-7 p.m. June 25. Attendees will get to meet Busey, take a photo and receive a signed copy of "Buseyisms: Gary Busey's Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth." Wine, beer and finger foods will be provided. Tickets are $50 each and are available on the Church Studio website.

While known for his acting, the 78-year-old former Tulsan also helped shape a sound unique to the region. "It's nice that Gary Busey is coming back to his hometown. He was Leon Russell's drummer, and a lot of people don't realize he was part of the Tulsa Sound," says Teresa Knox, owner and event promoter at Harwelden Manson and Church Studio.

Music will be part of the experience, too. Tulsa musician Spencer Sutton of the Tulsa Playboys will play acoustic piano on the original piano from the Harwelden Mansion. "It’s also an opportunity to see the recently restored mansion," Knox says.

Busey is in town to work on a new TV cartoon, Knox says. "Busey's Back" is produced in Tulsa with a local animation team and writers. Knox is the show's creator and executive producer, and the rest of the team is from Grassfire Creative. The cartoon’s premiere date and where it will air or stream is still being determined.

And if you haven't seen Busey's Netflix show "Pet Judge," Knox recommends it. "It's like Judge Judy meets Tiger King."

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