Tuesday, June 2, marked the fourth consecutive day of protests in Tulsa in a nationwide response to the killing of George Floyd and police brutality.

Early in the evening dozens of young adults and older people gathered in the Tulsa Hills shopping district to peacefully protest. They waved signs, chanted and used the crosswalk to protest in the street during red lights. 

The group marched to 71st Street where they continued protesting on the sidewalk. As the protesters marched east, Tulsa Police Department cars moved a block over, so they followed them to each spot. 

The police led them to a dead end behind a Lowes, which allowed the group to protest the officers while a group leader talked it over with police. The protesters backed out of the area and ended their peaceful orchestration. 

Some of those protesters then relocated to 71st and Memorial, which was the site of protester clash with Tulsa police that ended in a massive tear gas deployment as National Guard soldiers stood aside and watched. 

Around midnight, dozens of protesters gathered in the middle of the intersection, where they got the attention of police, which then set up at about 73rd and Memorial. The protesters then marched toward the officers as they chanted and held up signs. 

As they inched closer and ignored commands to back down, Tulsa police deployed multiple tear gas canisters and fired pepper balls. The protesters receded back to the 71st intersection and a nearby business parking lot until police followed and deployed more gas and pepper balls. 

The National Guard was mobilized, but stood in the street four blocks away as police officers and protesters clashed. 

The protest in the Woodland Hills Mall area ended after an hour with three arrests. A glass door was shattered at DXL Men's Apparel store near the intersection.

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