Cult Love Kombucha

Art and design by George Christ. 

Cult Love Sound Tapes, a local tape label, and Cult Kombucha, a local kombucha creator, team up this Friday, Oct. 30, for a collaborative, seasonal kombucha and live music event. The beverage will be sold in extremely limited quantities at Heirloom Rustic Ales, 2113 E. Admiral Blvd. from 3-10 p.m. 

Stop by and pick up a bottle of the persimmon and blackberry kombucha, and hang around until 8 p.m. to see a live set from local rapper Benzo, A.K.A. Lorenzo McLean, who will be performing songs off his new album, “Yellow Tooth Bastard.” After his set, attendees can catch another performance from local rap duo, Find Solace and Charade.

“This was supposed to come out in April and we were going to have a big D-I-Y fest around it and an after-party house show with vendors and musicians,” says Natty Watson, one third of the Cult Love team. “Obviously whenever COVID-19 happened that all just fell through. We got back in touch with them around August.”

Brad Linhart is the kombucha brewer and founder of Cult Kombucha. Linhart got together with the Cult Love team to create a collaborative flavor for the event months ago. That flavor is now in 60 bottles ready to be sold to the public. Some local bars like Whittier Bar, 2405 E. Admiral Blvd., are even planning on showing up and buying a few bottles to keep in stock.

“We had a couple ideas we started out with, like pineapple peach or apple rhubarb. Then the season kind of changed. We got postponed with COVID we decided something more fall and it turned into persimmon blackberry,” Lauran Drummond, another third of the Cult Love team, says.

Masks are required in Heirloom while not eating or drinking. The Calaveras food truck will be in attendance from 4-8 p.m. 

“I know we're all struggling with being social right now and trying to get out of the house and  this is an event that you can go and do that,” says Linhart. “Also, Cult Kombucha is going on hiatus after this. Because of COVID, funding is kind of short. So this is going to be the last release for a little bit.”

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