Are you a Deep Winter or a Light Summer? These are just two of the color palette options you could receive from a color analysis with Rivers and Rose Styling Co. 

Color analysis uses natural light and color swatches to determine what colors and tones best complement each individual. Afterwards, clients have their makeup done and receive a color fan to use as a reference going forward. 

Hailey Brydie and Kenda Spanich, owners of Rivers & Rose, also offer personal styling appointments. 

"We encourage everyone to get their colors done first, and then we can do a style analysis. It gets really interesting, because everyone has such a unique style," says Brydie. "For instance, Kenda is a Theatrical Romantic, and I am a Soft Classic. We pick outfits that you already have from your closet, then create a website for you that has a look book and mood board. It's a much longer appointment, but it is so much fun."

One thing is obvious when speaking to Brydie and Spanich — they love their work. Of course, they both love the fashion and styling aspect, but it is more than that.

"We have had countless clients come back to us and say how this has helped them, changed how they feel about shopping, how they feel about their appearance, brought joy and confidence to their lives,” says Spanich. “It's so rewarding.”

Follow Rivers & Rose Styling Co. on Instagram @riversandrosestyling 

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