Queenies grilled cheese

Queenies grilled cheese

There’s a place for the nostalgia of a grilled cheese sandwich with white bread and American cheese. But honestly, your memory of that Wonder Bread sandwich might be better than reality. That’s especially true when you compare it to some of the truly wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches around town.

The list could have been much longer if we had expanded the definition of grilled cheese to include all of those delicious “melts” out there. Turkey melts, ham melts and veggie melts are great, but here you’ll find sandwiches where the cheese is the star. And now, our favorites.

The grilled cheese at Queenie’s is a Tulsa classic. The best is the Santa Fe grilled cheese ($9.50) with gooey cheese, tomato, red onion and green chiles on perfectly toasted bread. Want to make it extra delicious? Add grilled turkey or bacon. Don’t forget a sweet treat from the bakery case. 1834 Utica Square, 918-749-3481, queeniesoftulsa.com

When you are in need of a comfort-food lunch, head to Take 2: A Resonance Cafe. Grilled cheese and tomato bisque for $7.99 is a great deal. This grilled cheese is deliciously loaded with Swiss and cheddar cheeses with tomatoes, roasted bell peppers and Italian dressing on toasted sourdough. 309 S. Main St., 918-861-4555, take2tulsa.com

If you like your grilled cheese extra cheesy, you’ve got to try the Roosemelt ($10), the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich from Roosevelt’s. Triple crème brie, Havarti and smoked Gouda are pressed together with garlic aioli on brioche. 1551 E. 15th St., 918-591-2888, rooseveltstulsa.com

You can’t compare Levain Kitchen and Bakery’s grilled cheese with a wimpy sandwich you would make at home. This one starts with housemade sourdough bread, toasted and topped with caramelized onions, cremini mushrooms and a mornay sauce. For the cheese, Levain uses the incomparable Gruyere. It’s a $12 grilled cheese that’s worth every cent. 10021 S. Yale Ave., 918-518-6711, levaintulsa.com 

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