Candy Castle

After a long day in the office, sometimes the only thing that will cheer you up is a heaping helping of ice cream. Look no further than Candy Castle, where guests can choose from a dozen flavors for a cone, sundae, shake, float or flight. The Deco District shop, located across the street from Chapman Green, also has a full soda fountain, serving up everything from a cream soda to a lime rickey to a cherry phosphate. Its lunch menu has classic dishes like a chili dog and Frito chili pie. 525 S. Main St. 918-960-8300 |

Ida Red’s Main Street location is a go-to for Tulsa-themed gift giving, but don’t forget about its massive collection of candy. Sure, it has the typical candy bars and sweets, but try something new with its wide selection of international chocolates and novelties, too. Nostalgic treats like Abba Zabba, Dubble Bubble and Chick-o-Stick are next to artisan chocolates from Willie’s Cacao and Tony’s Chocoloney. There’s also a selection of vegan options. 208 N. Main St. | 918-398-6700 | 


Sweet Boutique

Nestled on the first floor of the Boxyard is Sweet Boutique, which has a collection of desserts perfect to nosh while perusing the shopping center or on your way home after dinner nearby. Try the Irish cream or cappuccino truffles for your chocolate fix. A bag of chocolate-covered almonds, a jar of your favorite gummy treats or a helping of fudge also are favorites. 502 E. Third St., Unit 13 | 918-900-2238 |

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