Dagobah Swamp at Kiss My Ale

Dagobah Swamp

Kiss My Ale dubs itself Tulsa’s best “nerd den.” With a drink menu inspired by cult-favorite movies or TV series, it also offers a collection of more than 250 board games and puzzles ranging from party favorites to obscure Kickstarter exclusives. You might even overhear the last round of a fantasy role-playing game.

For owners Carissa Hull and Bryan Kiss, it’s just another night at their nearly 2-year-old bar.

“There wasn’t anywhere in town to game socially with other adults,” Hull says. “We love to support our local game stores; however, alcohol isn’t allowed because of local laws. When we would walk into any bar in town with a copy of ‘Cards Against Humanity’ we could always draw a crowd of new friends to play with. It became apparent that Tulsa wanted a place to drink and be nerdy.”

In the mood for a cocktail? Try the Dagobah Swamp ($8) with coconut rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice and grenadine. Another favorite is the Randy in Manhattan ($10), with Oilfire whiskey, sweet vermouth and imported Italian black cherries.

The beer menu features only Oklahoma brews. You won’t find TVs playing the big game, but you can reserve game space for a $10/hour spending minimum for your group. There are monthly trivia nights and bimonthly Smash Brothers Ultimate Tournaments. On Thursdays, the bar hosts a different game for patrons to play with rules taught by Kiss. All events can be seen at kissmyale.com or facebook.com/kisserintherye.

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