As Thanksgiving menus come together, the trickiest part can be choosing wines that both pair well with the meal and please all the guests. Here to give us some tips is Gregor Donnini, co-owner of the Deco District’s Boston Title and Abstract restaurant, who also is a certified sommelier.


Torre de Menagem Vinho Verde is a great wine choice for Thanksgiving feasts.

“Most of the types of roasted meats served during Thanksgiving are a little bit lighter, so I think white wines are a great fit,” Donnini says. “I think Vinho Verde (Torre de Menagem pictured) is a great option and it’s only $8-$15 per bottle. It’s light, crisp and has a little bit of effervescence because they bottle it up really young. So, fermentation continues to happen even after it’s bottled.”

For those who prefer reds, Donnini says Thanksgiving also is Beaujolais nouveau season. The wine is released annually on the third Thursday in November. “The nouveau harvest is the first glimpse into how the harvest will be this year, so it goes well with the ‘bounty of the season’ theme at Thanksgiving,” Donnini says. “To me, it just goes hand in hand.”

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated, headier red, Donnini suggests a lambrusco. “It’s light and dry, almost like a brewed rosé, and the quality you can get from that grape is tremendous,” Donnini says. “It also has some effervescence, which is always great for celebrating with family and friends. It’s Thanksgiving, so bust out the bubbles.”

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