Justin Thompson and Wendy Voss

Wendy Voss, right, Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma community engagement coordinator, with chef Justin Thompson outside his restaurant, Juniper, which is participating in Restaurant Week again in 2020.

Restaurant Week might look a bit different this year, but it will carry on as planned, Sept. 4-13.

Every September for the past 13 years, Tulsans have looked forward to the special menus and meals created by chefs all over town. This year, as it has been from the beginning, a portion of the sale from every meal will go to the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma to provide meals to children in need.

Because the concept of dining out has changed for many, this year’s Restaurant Week will include to-go family meal options. These meals, designed to feed a family of four, will be priced at $50, with $8 from each donated to the Food Bank.

Wendy Voss, community engagement coordinator for the Food Bank, says many restaurants will offer to-go and curbside options to accommodate customers.

“During this challenging year, nothing is better than having a fun week-long event to anticipate. We are thrilled by the generous response of the Tulsa-area restaurant community,” Voss says. “Unfortunately, given the COVID outbreak and what has followed, even more children and their families are now experiencing food insecurity. This year, we have placed greater emphasis on curbside and to-go meals so that everyone can feel safe and comfortable while making their dining choices.”

For diners, Restaurant Week is a great time to sample menus from different restaurants for a good price — and a good cause. And for the Food Bank, the collaboration with local chefs and restaurants has become important to their cause. Even at a time when there was some confusion over whether there would be a Restaurant Week, it was important to both the Food Bank and local chefs and restaurant owners that it would continue.

“While we are all figuring out a return to business and a return to normalcy, myself and those who work for my company still believe that it is important to give back to the community that has given to us. I realize it is a hard time for so many people, but continuing to give to organizations like the Eastern Oklahoma Food Bank, and so many others, should remain a priority for all Tulsans. One way to reinforce this commitment to community is to participate in Restaurant Week,” says Justin Thompson, proprietor chef of Justin Thompson Restaurants.

“I hope the people in our community will support the efforts of the Food Bank to continue in its mission. They have given so much to Tulsa over the years and especially in times of crisis. We should all express our gratitude and return the favor.”

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