Smoked old fashioned

Randy Turley and Gregg Carlson are longtime cigar people. Over the years they’ve been to many cigar lounges and bars, picking up the things they loved about certain places and things they wanted to avoid. Then, they decided to open Churchill’s Cigar Lounge, 3334 S. Peoria Ave., in November 2021. It is named for famous cigar-lover Winston Churchill and heavily influenced by the cigar lounge at Caesar’s Palace.  

There is something great going on every day of the week, from sports night and ladies’ night to the popular Midweek Mixology classes put on by guest mixologist JD Colbert, to live music Thursday through Saturday. Check its Facebook page for updates on weekly events.

Non-smokers will be pleasantly surprised at the lack of smoke in the building.

“We really wanted to make sure we had great ventilation,” says Jennifer Feather, Carlson’s fiancée and acting general manager. Women account for about 35%-40% of Churchill’s patrons. “We wanted to make sure this is a female-friendly atmosphere where men can bring their wives or dates.” 

Cigar newbies are welcomed and encouraged. Bartenders help assist in cigar selection and drink pairings. Churchill’s also hosts a monthly Cigar 101 class taught by local cigar expert James George.

If you are thinking cigar-lounging sounds like a cool-weather activity, think again. Churchill’s has a patio for sipping a sunset cocktail and enjoying a smoke (or not) outside.

Visit for more details.

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