Key lime pie from Common Tart

Key lime pie from Common Tart

A line out the door means a place is hot.

So when we saw people waiting outside the new pie shop, Common Tart, we knew we had to check it out.

We knew that if the pies on display were as good as they looked, we were in for a treat. And we can verify these pies are as delicious as they are beautiful. 

Common Tart, 1717 E. 17th St., opened just before Thanksgiving, and though foodies might have tried to keep it a secret, word has gotten out about the small-batch pies, sold by the slice or whole.

Common Tart has a few things in its favor. The menu is small, with a few short and sweet staples, plus a few seasonal and specialty pies. Two, their pie crust is perfection.

This is no small matter. So often the filling of a pie is great, while the crust is soggy, overbaked or just plain flavorless.

The crust at Common Tart is made with the good stuff: unsalted, full-fat butter. You can see little flakes and bits of butter in the crust. And despite being made with all butter, which can sometimes make the crust a little flimsy or weak, this crust holds up to the fillings and makes for a pretty fluted edge.

The day we visited the pies available were apple crumble, almond-pear tart, key lime, French silk, fudge brownie, peanut butter mousse and coconut cream. There also was a weekly savory special — a Frito chili pie, made with a Frito and cheese crust, chili filling and a sour cream topping. Slices are $6; $36, whole.

One fun option is to “create your own pie” by choosing six different pie slices placed into one pie pan ($36).

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