Tiffany Tisdale-Braxton

Chef Tiffany Tisdale-Braxton

With home cooking playing an increasingly central role in day-to-day life, in June Oklahoma Natural Gas debuted a new four-part online cooking series, “Good vs. Gourmet,” to inspire customers in their own kitchens while highlighting local chefs.

Four chefs — two from Tulsa and two from Oklahoma City — cook one dish two different ways. In each episode, chefs demonstrate the creation of a dish using a simplified version of a recipe and an alternative more gourmet, restaurant-style version. At the end of each episode, both versions will be pitted against each other in a final side-by-side comparison.

The series was produced as part of the ONG Energy Efficiency Program, which promotes rebates to homeowners, builders and contractors who purchase and install energy-efficient natural gas appliances and equipment.

One episode features Tulsa chef Justin Thompson, proprietor of the Justin Thompson Restaurant Group, co-owner of Farrell Family Bakery and author of “Trial and Error: Recipes and Lessons Learned by a Chef and Restaurateur.”

“I really enjoyed filming my episode, and ‘Good vs. Gourmet’ is more timely now than ever as many people are trying their hand at new and creative recipes,” Thompson says. “On the show, I share how I cook pan- and reverse-seared rib eye steaks. My purpose in all the food I make is to not outshine people’s experience but to enhance it.”

Participating Tulsa chef Tiffany Tisdale-Braxton is owner of Tisdale23 Catering and Event Planning and author of “Work Mom’s Guide to Surviving Weeknight Meals.”

“Good vs. Gourmet gives me and other local chefs a platform to share what we’re passionate about,” she says. “Cooking is my way to express my love to others, and now I’m able to share that with viewers through my shrimp and grits on the show.”

Episodes and recipes are available at

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