Trenchers’ expansion means more space and extended hours, as well as new specials and menu items.

We’re always in favor of having more of a good thing.

So it was welcome news to find out Trenchers, 2602 S. Harvard Ave., will be expanding. That means more hours, more space, more food and more of the quirky personality that has built such a following for the once fledgling sandwich shop.

Trenchers opened almost 10 years ago, with praise for its lobster roll, Cuban and other loaded sandwiches. Those sandwiches, and many others, will remain. But Zach and Melinda Curren, founders and current owners, thought it was time to add to what they’ve already created.

Hours will expand from 8 a.m.-1 a.m., with the addition of breakfast items like pancakes, breakfast tacos, a chicken and waffle breakfast sandwich, and grab-and-go items. A panini burger will be added to the lunch menu. 

The expansion to the south gives Trenchers more seating and more space for serving dinner, which will feature a different special each night of the week, repeated weekly. The plan includes Tunisian chickpea soup on Monday, al pastor on Tuesday, pork gyros on Wednesday, Thanksgiving favorites on Thursday, paella on Friday, Ethiopian on Saturday and Peruvian chicken on Sunday. 

“I’m wanting it to be a place where parents can get a beer or wine while their kids are having fun, too,” says Zach, who plans to have Nintendo games, bean bags and a shuffleboard table at the expanded location.

At 10 p.m., the northside of Trenchers will close and the new southside will serve a full bar and paninis until close.

If you’ve never been, reading the menu at Trenchers will give you an idea of the vibe. Zach leans in to the sometimes ridiculous nature of online restaurant reviews, printing some of the funniest right on the menu. “Nothing makes me happy,” reads one. “My wife was disturbed by your street rap music and we will be taking our money to a safer deli,” reads another.


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