Route 66 Fry Bread

Route 66 Fry Bread’s Indian taco

For many, it’s hard to imagine a year without the Tulsa State Fair — a year with no funnel cake and corndogs!

But just like everything else in 2020, we’ll make a way, creating and revising traditions. And we will keep our fingers crossed that in 2021 we’ll be walking down a crowded midway, eating caramel apples and cotton candy, without any worries.

Until then, here are a few places where you can get a fair food fix.

Flo’s Burger Diner

The staff at Flo’s, 2604 E. 11th St., couldn’t wait a whole year for the fair, so they have a fun selection of fair foods. One of the craziest is the deep-fried Bomb Burger. The Bomb, Flo’s signature burger, is already an over-the-top double-meat burger with cream cheese, bacon, cheddar and a stuffed-jalapeño sauce. But Flo’s is taking it to the next level by deep frying it in funnel cake batter.


The beignets at Nola’s, 1334 E. 15th St., are like your favorite fair foods, just slightly elevated. These puffy fried fritters are coated with powdered sugar and then served with what might be the best part — a warm, spiced butter-rum sauce.

Route 66 Fry Bread

A fry bread food truck? Count us in. Route 66 Fry Bread has all types of Indian tacos. The 1-pound traditional is great, but it also has sausage gravy-topped Indian tacos and cinnamon-sugar dessert Indian tacos. Find times and locations by following Route 66 Fry Bread on Facebook.

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