3 tequilas fiesta margarita

Fiesta margarita at 3 Tequilas

Ever felt the need to order a margarita the size of your head?

Sure, maybe you’ve used this as an exaggeration after a long day, but if you truly want to experience it, look no further than 3 Tequilas, 3308 S. Peoria Ave.

The bright and friendly taqueria on the north side of the Restless Ribbon is a go-to for those chips and salsa cravings, but it’s the mega-sized margs that have people talking. Jumbo goblets are filled to the brim with sweet and sour nectars, while bottles of booze and festive accouterment balance precariously inside the near-overflowing glass.

The $5.99 house margarita is modest and delicious. But if you’re in a go-big-or-go-home kind of mood and have a few like-minded pals, then the $30 Fiesta Margarita fits the bill.

Described as “90 ounces of fun,” the strawberry-based margarita is blended with mangonada (mango mixed with chamoy, a sweet and savory condiment), then topped off with two upended Coronitas (little Corona beers) and a tiny bottle of 1800 Tequila for good measure.

The 3 Tequilas menu also includes a wide variety of regular-sized island cocktails that don’t include the boozy bells and whistles; but where’s the fun in that?

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