Ali Hanson Bon Broth Bar

Owner Ali Hanson

When bone broth first began trending, it was in two primary circles: those seeking foods with healing, restorative properties and foodies seeking the purest form of broth for cooking.

It’s the start of a wonderful soup or a fabulous sauce. Or in the case of bone broth, it’s often sipped just as it is, warmed through like a cup of tea or an elixir.

Ali Hanson, owner of Ali Made Foods and the new Bōn Broth Bar at 8152 S. Harvard Ave., began making bone broth in a quest to improve health issues that plagued her. She found bone broth helped to relieve her stomach pain and nausea, among other issues.

“It felt like my body was shutting down,” she says.  “At 26 years old, I was too young to have my body falling apart.”

The journey to healing took seven years with many trials and errors, but Hanson says by removing inflammatory foods and adding nutrient-rich bone broth, she began to take charge of her own health. 

Hanson says what sets her bone broth apart is that it’s slow simmered on low heat. She uses only bones from grass-fed animals and organic veggies and spices. No preservatives are ever used, and each portion of broth is frozen (with the exception of broth served fresh at Bōn) so it can be thawed when ready to sip or use for cooking. 

Hanson’s bone broths are available in flavors of chicken, beef, pork pho and variations including low-sodium and pepper-free.

The Bōn Broth Bar, whose name comes from Hanson’s study of Latin where bon means good, also carries produce and goods from local farmers and food makers. It also has a coffee bar and mineral water bar. Soon, Hanson will have a menu of soups, sandwiches, rice bowls and a build-your-own broth bar. Visit


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