If there’s one thing Tulsans love, it’s eating. And it’s no wonder. Tulsa features a diversity of restaurants and dishes to rival any city in the country. From fine dining to greasy spoons, enticing bakeries to ethnic fare, Tulsa has it all. And now, we know which local eateries you, our readers, enjoy most of all. The votes have been tallied, and we now present the 2009 Readers’ Choice dining selections. To sweeten the pot, we’ve added picks from our staff, as well as choices from our Food Editor, Judy Allen. And continue reading to see even more of Allen’s dining picks, as well as some prime drink selections from wine columnist Randa Warren. Happy eating!

EP: Editor's Pick

SF: Staff Favorite 

Asian Fusion

  1. (Tie) In the Raw, Pei Wei
  2. Te Kei’s Chinese/Asian Kitchen
  3. (Tie) Keo, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro
EP: Keo
SF: Keo
Food lover's guide - Reader's Choice
  1. Merritt’s Bakery (left)
  2. Ann’s Bakery
  3. Panera Bread
EP: Blue Moon Bakery and Café
SF: Queenie’s

Bar Food

  1. James E. McNellie’s Public House
  2. The Brook
  3. Leon’s on the Restless Ribbon
EP: Sonoma Bistro and Wine Bar
SF: White Owl Pub


  1. Elmer’s Barbeque
  2. Rib Crib Barbecue and Grill
  3. Albert G’s
EP: Elmer’s Barbeque
SF: Billy Simms Barbecue


Food lover's guide - Reader's Choice


  1. Brookside By Day (BBD)
  2. Blue Dome Diner
  3. (Tie) First Watch, IHOP
EP: The Savoy, Wild Fork
SF: Tally’s Good Food Café


  1. Ron’s Hamburgers and Chili
  2. Goldie’s Patio Grill
  3. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
EP: Freddie’s Hamburgers
SF: Claud’s Hamburgers


  1. (Tie) Catering by Orr, Ludger’s Cakes and Catering
  2. (Tie) Eloté Café and Catering, Lambrusco’z To Go
  3. Timothy Sean Fitzgerald Catering
EP: Timothy Sean Fitzgerald Catering
SF: Pare
Food lover's guide - Reader's Choice
  1. Michael Fusco, Michael Fusco’s Riverside Grill
  2. Justin Thompson, Sonoma Bistro and Wine Bar and The Brasserie
  3. James Shrader, Palace Café
EP: James Shrader


  1. Pei Wei
  2. P.F. Chang’s China Bistro
  3. Te Kei’s Chinese/Asian Kitchen
EP: Guangzhou Dim Sum
SF: Fortune Chef

 Coffee Shop

  1. Starbucks Coffee Company
  2. Shades of Brown Coffee and Art
  3. Coffee House on Cherry Street
EP: Café Cubana
SF: Topéca Coffee


  1. KoKoa Chocolatier
  2. The Cheesecake Factory
  3. Merritt’s Bakery
EP: KoKoa
SF: Braum’s Ice Cream and Dairy Stores
  1. El Guapo’s Cantina
    James E. McNellie’s Public House
  2. Eloté Café and Catering
  3. The Chalkboard
EP: Eloté
SF: Joe Momma’s

 Fine Dining

  1. Mahogany Prime Steakhouse
  2. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar
  3. Polo Grill
EP: The Brasserie Restaurant and Bar
SF: Stonehorse Café 

 Gourmet Deli

  1. Lambrusco’z To Go
  2. Dilly Deli
  3. Jason’s Deli
EP: Dilly Deli
SF: Lambrusco’z To Go


  1. Jim’s Coney Island
  2. Helen of Troy Mediterranean Cuisine
  3. It’s Greek to Me
EP: Helen of Troy
SF: Shawkat’s Pita Bread Bakery

Happy Hour

  1. McNellie’s
  2. The Brook
  3. White Owl Pub
EP: Full Moon Café
SF: Vintage 1740
Food lover's guide - Reader's Choice
  1. Big Al’s Healthy Foods
  2. D’Novo Lean Gourmet
  3. Eloté Café and Catering
EP: D’Novo Lean Gourmet
SF: Whole Foods

Hotel Dining

  1. The Chalkboard, Hotel Ambassador
  2. Warren Duck Club, the Doubletree Hotel at Warren Place
  3. Daily Grill, Crowne Plaza Hotel
EP: Warren Duck Club
SF: The Chalkboard


  1. India Palace
  2. Desi Wok
  3. Kolam
EP: India Palace
SF: India Palace


  1. Kilkenny’s Irish Pub and Eatery
  2. James E. McNellie’s Public House
  3. Paddy’s Restaurant and Pub
EP: Kilkenny’s Irish Pub and Eatery
SF: Kilkenny’s Irish Pub and Eatery


  1. Ti Amo Italian Ristorante
  2. Mary’s Italian Trattoria
  3. Tucci’s
    Zio’s Italian Kitchen
EP: Biga Vino e Cucina
SF: Garlic Rose

Kid-friendly Dining

  1. Incredible Pizza Company
  2. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
  3. Chick-Fil-A
EP: Pei Wei
SF: Charleston’s

Late-Night Dining

  1. The Brook
  2. IHOP
  3. James E. McNellie’s Public House
EP: Lucky’s
SF: Joe Momma’s

Local Restaurant

  1. Eloté Café and Catering
  2. Local Table
  3. Wild Fork
EP: Wild Fork
SF: Lucky’s


  1. Senor Tequila
  2. Los Cabos
  3. El Guapo’s Cantina
    El Rio Verde
EP: Tacos San Pedro
SF: Andale’s Tex-Mex Grill and Cantina

New Restaurant

  1. Eloté Café and Catering
  2. Dilly Deli
  3. Joe Momma’s
SF: White Owl Pub

Outdoor Dining

  1. Los Cabos Mexican Grill
  2. El Guapo’s Cantina
  3. Wild Fork
EP: Café Ole
SF: Tucci’s


  1. Hideaway
  2. Joe Momma’s
  3. Mazzio’s
EP: Savastano’s
SF: Mario’s N.Y. Style Pizzeria

Sandwich Shop

  1. Bill and Ruth’s
  2. Camille’s Sidewalk Café
  3. Lambrusco’z To Go
    Panera Bread
EP: Queenie’s
SF: Dilly Deli


  1. Bodean Seafood Restaurant
  2. White River Fish Market and Seafood Restaurant
  3. Red Lobster
EP: Tie between Bodean’s (fine dining) and White River Fish Market (casual)
SF: Bodean’s
Food lover's guide - Reader's Choice
  1. Leon’s on the Restless Ribbon
  2. The Brook
  3. Fox & The Hound Pub and Grille

EP: Clubhouse Bar and Grille
SF: Leon’s


  1. Mahogany Prime Steakhouse
  2. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar
  3. McGill’s
EP: Mahogany Prime Steakhouse
SF: Fleming’s

Sunday Brunch

  1. Brookside By Day (BBD)
  2. The Green Onion
  3. The Chalkboard
EP: Warren Duck Club
SF: Blue Dome Diner


  1. In the Raw
  2. Fuji
  3. Sushi Train
EP: In the Raw
SF: Memories of Japan


  1. Big Al’s
  2. Be Le Vegetarian
  3. Whole Foods
EP: Ri Le’s
SF: Big Al’s Healthy Foods
Food lover's guide - Reader's Choice
  1. Jeb Perry, Brookside by Day (BBD)

Editor’s note: The Readers’ Choice dining selections were made via the results of an online survey. The survey included 37 open-ended questions requesting reader favorites.

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