Open Container hot dog

Open Container’s Tulsa Driller Dog with bacon

As we savor the last days of summer, Tulsa’s hot dogs serve as a last gasp for the heated season. These five are some of the city’s favorites for wieners piled high with toppings and flavor.

Open Container’s killer view can only be matched by its flavorful beer and cocktail menu and wide-ranging food options. Burgers and wings are popular at this downtown spot, but so is the Tulsa Driller Dog ($8). Cheddar cheese, grilled onions and a slathering of Oklahoma-made Seikel’s mustard make this a dog best eaten with a fork and knife. Diners can add bacon for 75 cents more, creating a pork lover’s paradise. 502 E. Third St., Unit 39; 918-895-5016;

The Windy City is known for more than just pizza. A Chicago Dog ($7) is a staple of street food, and one of Tulsa’s best examples is at Fassler Hall. The wiener is nestled into its bun and topped with yellow mustard, neon relish, a pickle spear, tomato, onion and sport pepper (a small pickled pepper) with a dash of celery salt. It makes for a flavorful pairing with one of the beer hall’s 12-plus taps. 304 S. Elgin Ave., 918-576-7898,

You can’t talk Tulsa hot dogs and not mention Coney I-Lander. With “the best buns in town,” the chain of restaurants is a Tulsa tradition with more than five decades of local lore. You really can’t go wrong with a regular coney ($1.69) that includes mustard, chili and onions. Go big and add cheese for 20 cents more. Order a couple for lunch, or make your coney a side to Frito pie ($3.99-$4.99) or three-way chili ($3.99-$5.29). Seven area locations,

If you’re wanting something besides a burger at Fat Guy’s, try the Dodge Style Dog ($6.29). Ketchup, mustard, mayo and a scattering of cheese line a buttery toasted bun before the wiener takes its rightful place beneath a spicy jalapeño slaw and chopped bacon. All of this marries perfectly with a helping of fries and a cold soda. Other Fat Guy’s dogs include chili cheese and traditional options. Three area locations,

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