Common Tart's pecan pie

Common Tart's pecan pie

November is prime time for pies. 

That’s for a couple of reasons. For one, fall baking season sends us to the kitchen, and there’s nothing like the feel of rolling out pastry dough, fitting it into a pie pan, and then pulling it hot and bubbly out of the oven to make you feel like a baking superstar. Secondly, it’s Thanksgiving, of course, and pie is the dessert of the day. Cakes and cookies and puddings can take a bow other times of the year, but on Thanksgiving, it’s all about pie.

Common Tart, 1717 E. 17th St., is one of the best spots in town to pick up a pie for the holidays when you would rather someone else do the baking. These pies are as good as the ones you would make at home. Actually, who are we kidding? We wish we could make pies as good as the ones made by the bakers at Common Tart.

For Thanksgiving, the shop will have a classic pumpkin pie, a cranberry tart, a sweet potato pie topped with a pecan streusel and a pecan custard pie. The latter has piqued our interest. The signature flaky pie crust is filled with a sweet custard and then packed with pecans.

A creamy pecan pie? Put us down for two, please.

Order Thanksgiving pies by calling 918-764-8298 as early in November as possible.


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